17th oct 2017, Dainaik Jagran organized Completion ceremony of mission 1000 tons at Mayor’s office, EDMC and invited all the Organisations/individuals who come up to clean the area/city to achieve 1000ton mission with Municipal Corporation of Delhi. Gratefully YAC members were few of those selected by the team of Dainik jagran & were provided with certificates. Dr. Manish jain, Shri. Rakesh kumar jain, Mr. Shubham goyal and Mr. VInay singh were given Certificate for their work

Jai hind

Mr. Rakesh kumar jain with smt. Neema BhagatMr. Shubham Goyal With Smt.Neema BhagatVinay singh With Smt.Neema BhagatDr. Manish Jain With Smt.Neema Bhagat



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