A Girl with the time who is considered as sister, wife & mother always played major role in our society & Still for few they are unwanted child. They are killed after as well as before birth.

The present scenario in which the girl child is mercilessly killed even before birth, does not speak too well about the fate of this species. The scenario is so varied that, it is really difficult to understand what we are really doing or trying to do in this regard.

As per census the sex ratio of india was 943:1000(female:male) and child sex ratio 919:1000(female:male) in year 2011, which is due lack of knowledge and awareness among the citizens, discrimination, Illegal Practices, weak law enforcement,lack of education & etc.

Save Girl Child” project that was passed in the governing body meeting held on 26th July 2015 at delhi, by the Governing body members of the society to help government to protect the girl child & increase the sex ration by working on various programs with the help of other members of the society.

 About Project

Save Girl Child” passed on 26th July 2015, this project is under the guidance of Vice-President of YAC, Mr. Dinesh. Under this project 2 programs are running, Awareness program at different levels & Stop Female foeticide Program with the help of Govt.

    1. Awareness Program

Under “Awareness Program” Public is Educated about the Benefit of having girl child, Govt. Schemes,Govt. Rules, Criminal Acts and how they can help to solve this murder.

Current progress – An Article writing competition is organised for 10+2 class students (11th & 12th) in the schools which ends on 27th of august 2015. Articles by the students will be posted on

 2Stop Female Foeticide Program

Under “Stop Female Foeticide Program” our ngo will be helping government by informing about the culprit and the People breaking the Rules & Regulation(E.g- Pc & P.N.D.T Act, M.P.T. Act, ETC)